Born and bred in the sweet twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago land of calypso and steelpan, Rhonda SISTARON Knights grew up in the small town of Cascade Valley where for its namesake possessed beautiful waterfalls and majestic mountains

Now even tho calypso music was T&Ts main stream music

Sistaron found herself magnetized to the culture of hip hop as well, which grew more within her through out her high school years at Tranquility government secondary where she met other like minded hip hop heads which help to fuel the passion through rap battles and school concerts...

After high school she worked at a popular pizza franchise called Pizza Boys where she met her life long home girl Kerrieann KC Cuffie they became a local sensation RON&KC (fun times) the rap duo blazed the radio stations with their local Salt n Pepper Rap style. After a while KC expressed not wanting to be too deep in the music industry professionally so they went on their separate paths...still BFFs today.

After the coup of 1989 in Trinidad Robert Amar and associates decided they wanted to do something to replenish the spirits of the youth of Trinidad and Tobago they created the label called kisskadee label and opened the grand studio Caribbean Sound Basin and decided to bring something fresh and new to the music industry with artist Sistaron, General Grant, Gettorians and Kindred each bringing a different unique new flavor to music of Trinidad and Tobago this would change the pulse of the music in TNT. Then to be

Nominated best new artist of the Caribbean

Sistaron was now known as “QUEEN OF TRINI RAP” with her quick tongue and unapologetic snap delivery of the lyrics written by Gauge of the gettorians titled ‘Sistaron ah Come’ chorus delivered by General Grant)

10 yrs later she will return to the Trinidad music scene along side Gailsogorgous and Jah bami with the song titled Always Reminder Jah that rang out from the radio stations to throughout the streets of the twin islands. Now

Let’s fast forward to present day Sistaron with the passion and creativity she possesses will not stay silent, SHE RETURNS... with a more grown and sexy approach to her delivery she presents the new release ‘Waiting For You’......

With a commitment of more style deliveries and fun ahead... Sistaron looking forward.