RG. Skinny

 At a tender age of 7, my mother realized I had a true musical talent. I was able to rhyme in time with words I just learnt. I am bilingual, able to speak the Saint Lucian Creole, French and of course English. In my music I am able to articulate and integrate between languages to bring a different vibe of music, touching a bit of everything in my songs. Growing up i was inspired by artist such as Herb Black, Machel Mantano, Arrow. Other artist of my generation such as Sedale and Exodus. The way how they are able to manoeuvre and flow on any rhythm, having their own stamp inspired me a lot. 

At first, I didn’t really take my singing talent serious. I would freestyle in school during break time with my pairs and also freestyling with my local village mates whenever we hung out together. I entered my first competition in 2012, a local contest in my village, after years of pestering from my family, friends and supporters to take my music to the next level, to which I won. After the competition I later created a group along with some my friends, called “Reckless Gang”. Our motto is “the top is reached by striving”. This group included people from my area and a few international all who had different talents from dancing, rapping, costume making, producing, beat making and of course my favourite singing. On the singing side, we incorporated and combined our skillsets to bring high quality music and just an overall phenomenal vibe towards everyone we encountered in general. Our first hit song was in 2016, on the soca panda riddim, which was a soca-trap song.  It was a combination of rap/trap music and soca music. The song was well received throughout the region.

Music brings me joy just as spending time with my family. It gives a solid peace of mind. When I get up on that stage it's a whole different ball game. I feel like a true Caribbean warrior who is ready to deliver what should be given. I love the fact that I can deliver high quality music to my fans and supporters whilst having fun at the same time. Being able to relay what my fans and supporters want, which includes the rhythm, melody and lyrics is one of my largest skills I have to this date. I love making music and I aspire to bring my style of music to world by any means necessary. I one day hope to inspire younger and upcoming artist who wish to take on the world, that with resilience, hard work and a great attitude all things are possible.