DJ JEL is a NYC-based disc jockey of Trinidadian descent. Known for his tagline, “The Soca Boss,” DJ JEL has one of the most popular mix/podcast series that reaches a wide audience across North America, the Caribbean and Europe. While juggling bookings for open events, DJ JEL continues to focus on

Kevin Crown

If you are seeking the ultimate music experience, fused with a talented, entertaining dj, Kevin Crown, hailing from New York City, checks all those boxes. Born on October 27 and coined as the “Natural Born Club Killa” for his unique ability to keep the crowd engaged and mesmerized by delivering an authentic, yet nostalgic, performance that leaves his audience in awe days after an event has ended. Kevin Crown is naturally talented and appears to be 100% in sync with all genre of music, all club or event settings, and prides himself on his desire simply to be the best.

LL Cool Blaze

CoolBlaze is a Jamaican-American DJ, Record Producer, and Songwriter based in Miami, Florida. Known for his blend of Soca, Dancehall and Afrobeat with EDM (Electronic Dance Music) a genre known as CDM (Caribbean Dance Music). CoolBlaze also co-founded Island360 a Caribbean based Lifestyle brand geared toward spreading Caribbean culture worldwide.

Mr. General & Hayley Ja'e

MR GENERAL is the CEO & Founder for Taking Over The City Ent, Soca Bad Boyz & Pleasures Carnival, DJ Member for Specialist Entertainment. His ethnic background is Trinidadian living in London UK. DJ’ing has been his full-time career for over 14 years & on going of DJ-ing experience and a versatile range music styles which enables him to perform for a diverse crowd. Mr General is one of UK's Top Caribbean/urban club, festival and carnival DJ. Mr General main goals are, to become one of the greatest DJ around the world, and to make sure my official company Taking Over The City Ent & Soca Bad Boyz touch down in every country. Mr General being working for many different clubs/festivals around the UK in his time of being a DJ. He has been given the privileged opportunity to start his first tour across the world which started in July 2012. Mr General has worked at hundreds of clubs, beach parties, boat parties, festivals, concerts etc, across Miami, Texas, Canada, Sweden,…

DJ Natural Touch

Hailing from the sweet Twin Island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago,now internationally in Houston texas ...”De Voice”, “Touch”,Mr Energy aka Deejay Natural Touch definitely brings you the vibes. Natural touch has always loved music that grew within him since an early age of listening to local radio stations,and looking up to some of the Dj veterans in Trinidad such as Dr Hyde, Papa Rocky, Howie T and many more just to name a few . Natural Touch has a history of over 10 years of bringing the sweet vibes to millions of people through out the many Carnivals and Caribbean radio stations in the United states. Not only is he talented on the Turntables but also gifted with his unique MC skills,making crowds feel the love and energy and leaving them with the blessings from “De”Natural Touch

DJ Morpheus

BIOGRAPHY Sean “DJ Morpheus” Gibbs started DJing in the 2001. As a youth growing up in Trinidad, he always had a love for music. After school and on the weekends, Sean would blast his father’s Sharpe stereo system so loud it could be heard throughout the neighborhood. One day while he was hanging out with a close friend, they stumbled across one of their neighbors mixing songs like a DJ on two Discmans and a Pioneer Mixer. To their amazement, they assumed that this is what DJing was all about and immediately fell in love with the art form. They got the idea to follow in the same steps as their neighbor and purchased a mixer and two Discmans. Shortly after purchasing their equipment and diving into intense practice sessions, Sean and his partner King Midas had inducted a few other friends into their DJ collective Morpheus Entertain- ment. Since the name Morpheus had a special meaning to Sean; God of Dreams, Sean decid- ed to make this his personal DJ name as well. For the next…

Dj Mafiadon

I AM A DON' is a phrase frequently used by (M.A.F.I.A.DON). Currently, he resides in Brooklyn and born in the beautiful twin island of Trinidad & Tobago. While growing up he had many influences from some of Trinidad's top sound systems like Matsemela, Radioactive, Jugglers, Dr. Hyde, Sel Construction, Black Chariot, and Xcaliber. He favored Mcing the most, an admired Mc's like Dr. Hyde, Dawg E slaughter and Hoppy from Trinidad. Also Jamaican mc's like Squingy, Tony Materhorn and Fire Links. His journey started in 1996 with a sound system back in his hometown (Trinidad) as Rampage International and his voice was heard in numerous baby showers, block parties and annual school parties entertaining the people. In (2003), pursuing his education and mcing, Mafia made Brooklyn (Ny) his home. Throughout the years M.A.F.I.A.DON has perfected the ability to learn the skill of DJing playing SOCA, DANCEHALL, R & B, HIP HOP, POP, DISCO, SOULS, AFROBEATS...Currently he is on live each and…