London based Caribbean DJ and production duo. Formed in 2016. 
Konata hails from Trinidad, Shep is from Barbados.
They are booked for a number of carnival events and bands in several countries (UK, Berlin, Rotterdam, Miami, Barbados, Trinidad) as well as holding their own events (e.g. Dirty Brunch, Pon de Grass, Pon de Rooftop, Beaufort by Beats and Jouvert Band Dirty Dozen).
They host the weekly Breakfast Show AMped, which is a new 2 hour morning show. This London based, internet only radio show is broadcasted live every Wednesday at 6am GMT.
The show includes segments such as Konata’s This is the Life and Shep Beats’ Battle of the Beats, interviews and the ever exciting Hot Topic.
Konata’s This is the life informs the listeners of the best holiday and carnival destinations around the word including prices, local knowledge and activities. Shep Beats’ Battle of the Beats consists of 15mins of live mixing for the top Caribbean and international tracks chosen by Shep himself.